List of all competitors out of all the characters in Total Drama Naruto Lyoko.

Name Personality Seasons Competed In
Aelita The Virtual Beauty (Season One)
Choji The Food Lover (Season One)
Herb The Geek (Season One)
Hinata The Shy Maiden (Season One)
Ino The Perky Blonde (Season One)
Jeremy The Einstein (Season One)
Kiba The Human Dog (Season One)
Mayu The Latecomer (Season One)
Milly The Reporter (Season One)
Naruto The Hyper-active Knucklehead (Season One)
Neji The Hyuga Prodigy (Season One)
Nicholas The Weird Follower (Season One)
Odd The Prankster (Season One)
Rock Lee The Youthful Spirit (Season One)
Sakura The Medic (Season One)
Sasuke The Dark Traitor (Season One)
Shikamaru The Lazy Genius (Season One)
Sissi The Principal's Daughter (Season One)
Tamiya The Reporter's Assistant (Season One)
Temari The Tough Girl (Season One)
Tenten The Weapon Specialist (Season One)
Ulrich The Slacker (Season One)
Yumi The Cool Goth (Season One)

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