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Killer Bass
Number of Members 12
Lowest Ranking Member Nicholas, 23rd
Team Selected By Beast Boy

The Killer Bass is one of the two teams in the first season of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko, the other being the Screaming Gophers. They consist of Sasuke, Sakura, Nicholas, Herb, Neji, Hinata, Naruto, Temari, Rock Lee, Tamiya, Milly, and as of Insomniacs, Mayu.


Original MembersEdit

Additional MembersEdit

In Insomniacs, Beast Boy put a latecomer on this team.

Killer Bass
Herb | Hinata | Mayu | Milly | Naruto | Neji | Nicholas | Rock Lee | Sakura | Sasuke | Tamiya | Temari

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off in competition Episode voted off Reason voted off
Nicholas Male 12th 23rd Cliffhangers He insulted the ninja on his team, saying they were weak, and as his team was a majority of ninja he was eliminated.
Temari Female 11th 22nd Insomniacs She accused her team of stealing her fan and almost destroyed the camp over it when it was actually "found" by Sissi.
Tamiya Female 10th 19th The Not So Great Outdoors Her and Milly got lost in the woods during the challenge and were the last to make it back to camp, losing the challenge for the team.
Neji Male 9th 18th Fear Antics He did not complete his fear challenge and was voted off for it.
Milly Female 8th 14th To Trust or Not to Trust Sakura convinced the rest of the team to vote her off after she accidentally knocked her out in the "Blind William Tell" challenge.
Sakura Female 7th 13th Jim Class Mayu rigged the votes so that she would be the one eliminated.



  • This team consists of eight "Naruto" characters and four "Code Lyoko" characters.
  • Nicholas was the first Killer Bass and first person overall to be voted off.
  • Temari was the first female Killer Bass voted off.

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